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Internal Flight

Internal Flight consists of a series of artistic photos that I've been creating daily for nearly two years.

In this project I committed to improve my photographic technique seeking to represent in the image all my admiration for the ocean.

Each photo requires a unique complexity of elements to achieve this result.

The moment of capture is where I try to calm my mind, transforming all chaos into harmony in order to perpetuate my connection with the ocean.

Full immersion is necessary to capture the perfect luminosity during the short time span of twilight, reaching the result presented here.

The images are raw, in essence, they don't undergo digital manipulation, just color enhancement and sharpness.

Producing these works has been an incredible process of creation and learning both professionally and personally. I hope they evoke the same sensation I experienced and let your imagination flow along the lines of the ocean.

​All the photos in this collection are from a single print run, presented on a small scale on this website and in infinite possibilities for those who purchase them.

*It is strictly forbidden to use any images without permission. 


© All rights reserved Kenn Robert Photography 


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